Plants are speaking to us.

 We care the story.

▶ Who we are

The company name, Telofarm came from the philosophical term "telos" of the Greek origin.  The telos in Greek were used by philosophers like Aristole for the meaning of "ultimate", "purpose", and "goal" as in the telomere and telophase in biology.  Thus, our company is developing the agriculture technologies for the ultimate goals of human endeavor for future extension even out of earth. We are envisioning the “super-connection” between three trillion plants on earth and the human infrastructure.  

▶ Our Technology

We developed a microscale sensing method of water transpiration to understand how plants are reacting to the environments. Water transpiration is the key activity through which a tree on the ground or a flower in a pot achieves essential elements of survival and proliferation via photosynthesis, temperature regulation, mineral absorption, and structural maintenance. Like a heartbeat or a blood pressure of a person, the water transpiration described by the term sap flow” characterizes the living state of a plant in given environmental conditions. The key information embedded into the sap flow can be used in the precision agriculture to detect diseases, increase productivity, enhance quality, and save water with less fertilizers and pesticides.

▶ Our Business

Our customers will emerge from many levels of applications. Farmers and farming industries will benefit from the use of high-quality plant data for efficient agricultural practices. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, they will be able to develop accurate models to account for the crop response to future climate changes.


In urban farming, anyone can practice his or her own farming without a prior knowledge because the plants will be taken care of with adaptive methods such as automatic irrigation and solar irradiation scheduling based on the response of the plants themselves. 

Currently, our sensors are mostly used in the research and monitoring sectors of the agriculture industry. We have installed more than 4000 sensors worldwide and are collecting data through our own IoT network. We started commercial services to farming companies and institutes in Myanmar and New Zealand. We are running pilot tests on plantations in Indonesia, Brazil, and UAE for the goals of expanding to commercial scales. In Korea, we are selling our solutions and services to government research institutes that will provide the same model to individual farmers.


We are in the process of establishing regional distributors and joint ventures in California, Dubai, and Germany. We are planning to reach out to China, India, Russia and Africa. We are also developing solutions for urban farming and smart pet plant care system for home use. Eventually, our company will evolve into the focal point of global agricultural data. For this achievement we are carrying out intensive tests around the world.


We have demonstrated the world's first full feedback control of irrigation in advanced hydroponics with unprecedented efficiencies such as zero drain rate with improved quality and quantity of fruits.


Smart Farm Company

We provide high precision sensors and farming solutions for advanced agriculture and research in various needs.


Our proprietary technology enabled microsensors on needle probes that can be implanted into plant stems to measure electrical conductivity and sap flow speed with minimum invasion.

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